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Future of Artificial Intelligence and Blockchain.

It is not surprising how much they focused their summit on Artificial Intelligence and Blockchain this year. Forbes writer, Steve Andriole predicts both Blockchain and AI & Machine Learning will be the most developed and worth invested stock.


The integration of these two technologies could speed up innovation and introduce a shift in every industry.


The summit gave an example of how this advanced technology works together. In the future, should two self-driving cars meet at a crossroad, how do they communicate and decide the route of their passengers? It all depends on Artificial Intelligence and Blockchain.


Blockchain makes AI more effective by choosing the route and direction of both cars. While AI allows a network of computers and cars to communicate and learn from each other.


Companies like SAIA, Acuity, and Picasso Labs are taking advantage and integrating blockchain technology to collect and secure the data. These three companies collect and secure the images through blockchains and analyze the items and subject of the image with AI. With the same concept, they are hoping to improve apparel e-commerce, online shopping experience, and marketing.





One of the companies introduced was ObEN. ObEN is a personal artificial intelligence company. It uses Artificial Intelligence to analyze and copy a person's movement and tone to create a virtual version of a person. ObEN announced their plans to build a Blockchain Research Lab with Qtum Foundation last December.




Sho Guo, ObEN’s director of marketing, said,


“The combination of [their] existing technology and blockchain can protect the data, verified the “Pai” to avoid misuse and general improvement of the platform.”


California Future Technology Investment Summit presented a list of possible Blockchain and AI future. Technology is taking both humanity and industry to a crossroad. Just like the self-driving cars, who will go first and which direction to turn all depend on the development of decentralized artificial intelligence.  

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