Author:Molly Source:CoinTime 2018-02-27 17:25:46
Venezuela Offers Free Cryptocurrency Trading Course for its Citizen




On Saturday, Caracas opened “Granja Laboratorio Petro”. It is an education center that teaches citizen how to use cryptocurrency.


The government developed a completely free education program to ensure nobody would be left behind from this new economic system. Usually, a cryptocurrency trading course would cost up to $500 to $800, but these are completely free.


The Ministry of Youth and Sports, Pedro Infante, commented,


“All our technological and computer youth can start a process of training in everything that has to do with the cryptocurrency, specifically with Petrol, the Venezuelan cryptocurrency.” (roughly translated by Google).


On Thursday, Maduro also announced the government is preparing Petro Gold. It is more or less the same as Petro, but it is backed by gold and other precious metal instead of barrels of crude oil.  

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